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Since childhood, Felix (he/him) has been interested in everything creative and computer-related, having great appreciation for the possibilities that the latter can provide for people in their everyday lives. As Felix grew up, he found another passion — law. Law was a path he wanted to pursue to discover a new world that he was yet to be taught, and this led to his decision to study law at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in his native Argentina, after finishing high school in Instituto Manuel Belgrano.

In his final year at law school, he realized he still had the creative itch which he was desperate to exploit, and what better way to do so than by combining this with his love for computers and technology. Felix started as a self-taught developer in pursuit of becoming a full-stack engineer, and a Webflow developer, all while completing law school.

Felix remains enthusiastic, disciplined, and hard working as a student towards his many endeavors. His enthusiasm and work ethic allowed Felix to join the SALVé team in May, 2022, where he was given the opportunity to grow his skillset and develop as an individual — both of which are very important to him.

He is passionate about languages and working with international teams, and studying law gave Felix the skills, and platform he needed to communicate ideas in a coherent and concise manner, and also the capacity to work with large scale teams find solutions towards difficult tasks.

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