Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Identify Opportunities

We focus on gathering insights through detailed audits and research to first understand how our clients operate and the ways their customers and stakeholders interact with their business. We are then able to pinpoint where people get bogged down by manual processes, or where current technology solutions are falling short.

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Simplify Processes

Digital transformation doesn't always mean building a new website or app. Sometimes, small changes in workflow, or optimizing the use of existing technologies, can make big impacts. If there are opportunities to streamline or automate manual work, we help our clients adapt and implement solutions to speed things up so more time can be spent on higher value

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Product Innovation

We have a proven track record of helping businesses with existing tech solutions continue to innovate by strategizing and implementing new product features, optimizing user experiences, and strengthening infrastructure to be faster, cheaper, and more powerful.

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Our Process



1 Week
High-level written proposal

This initial step is meant to help decide if we’re a good fit for your project. This includes assessing tech feasibility, your team’s goals, budget, and timeline, and aligning expectations so that we can together decide whether to proceed...



2-3 Weeks
Product Manager
Detailed requirements with users, pages, and features

The goal of the scoping step is to align on the exact features and architecture for your app. Taking the time to define everything upfront helps us to move quickly during the build, and ensures that you get what you are expecting...

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1-2 Weeks
UX Designer
High-fidelity Figma mockups

With feature requirements in place, the final step to the pre-build process is to add high fidelity mockups that define what users will see as they interact with your product. This is where the UX designer comes in....

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1 Week to several months
Fully functional app

With the detailed build plan in hand, the focus shifts to your SALVé build team, which builds and tests the complete application in weekly milestones...

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30 days
Live app on your domain

Even the most basic software products have complexity under the hood, and can take some time to fully test and confirm. For every build, we provide a 30-day window of coverage from our team to confirm, launch, and support the application...

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Ad hoc or monthly
Varies depending on requirements
Iterative launches

As you approach the end of your “review and launch” period, your Client Success manager will contact you to chat about what comes next. For most clients, launch is just the beginning since app generally must evolve in response to user feedback...

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What our customers say

"The professionalism and creativity of Juan Cadile and his team are a joy to work with"

"The professionalism and creativity of Juan Cadile and his team are a joy to work with. His methodology is all about creating clarity and the most effective way to frame one's message and to build a captivating brand. Juan's maturity and experience belies his youth, especially in the emerging and fast moving fields of social media platforms. I have absolutely no hesitancy in recommending Juan and his talented team for start-ups or established companies who may see the need for a fresh approach and/or creative thinking."

Don Mullan
Author, Filmmaker, Concept Developer
CEO, Hope Initiatives International

"The finished product was absolutely beautiful."

"We hired Juan to design a product launch for our non-profit. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He gave clear instructions to facilitate our preparation for each meeting and came to all of our meetings prepared with manageable next steps and questions to elicit our input. He gave clear explanations of any new technology and the opportunities and limitations it entailed. He was always conscious of our financial bottom line and offered us options for managing costs without sacrificing quality. The finished product was absolutely beautiful."

Mpho Tutu van Furth
Priest, author, and activist,
CEO, Tutu Teach Foundation

"A delight to work with."

"SALVé has created a highly user-friendly, practical, and powerful tool which will change lives and human dynamics. Their dedication, skills and enthusiasm were exceptional, and the app amply reflects this."

Deborah V. Pagnotta
CEO, ULU Story

"It would be extremely difficult to replace SALVé"

"Juan and his team have been serving our firm as developers and technology advisors for all our needs that involve this expertise towards our clients. Given the quality and speed of their services, their work-ethic, and know-how, it would be extremely difficult to replace them."

Claudio Schmale
Co-Founder & General Manager,
Quadro Comunicación

"SALVé truly thinks differently about the process of building websites."

"It has been a pleasure to work together in different campaigns both as partner and client. SALVé is driven by creativity and an open mind, with a desire for perfection while understanding its human nature."

Tadeo Badr
Digital Marketing Specialist & Content Advocate,
make!impact Denmark

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