June 30, 2020
How to set up Shopping on Instagram
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Instagram Shopping Guide

Instagram Shopping is a very powerful feature that allows content creators to commercialize. Here we have an ultimate guide step-by-step to start using this feature.

Fulfill Instagram's Requirements

Your business must be located in one of Instagram’s approved countries. Also, your account must be for a business that primarily sells physical goods. You must also have a business profile. Your Facebook Page linked to your Instagram cannot have restrictions. Your Instagram business profile must be associated with a Facebook catalog.

Link your Instagram Business Profile to a Facebook Catalog

You can link the accounts in two ways, the first, by adding a Shop Section to Your Facebook Page, or the second, by using a Product Catalog on Business Manager.

Wait until Instagram reviews your account

Once you've set up your Facebook Shop, Instagram will review your account before granting access to the shopping features. This process can take a couple of days.

Start Posting to Instagram With Product Tags

If you've been approved by Instagram, now you can start adding product tags to your Instagram posts and stories!

You have to start by uploading an image, once you've done that, tagging products is basically the same process as tagging other Instagram users in your posts.

Adding Shopping Stickers to Instagram Stories

For Instagram Stories, the shoppable stickers can be placed on both images and videos, and there are 4 different types of stickers to choose. To add a shoppable sticker to your next Instagram story, put an image to publish in a Story, and then, tap the stickers button and select the new “product” stickers. There you can select whatever Shopping Sticker you want.

Setting up a Shoppable Feed with Linkin.Bio

For businesses, particularly e-commerce brands, Linkin.bio can help drive traffic to your website and generate more sales from your Instagram posts. Linkin.bio allows you to add links or tag products in Instagram posts.

Linking to Shopify

If you want to elevate your Instagram strategy even further, you can connect your Shopify store to make your Linkin.bio content instantly shoppable. When people click the link in your bio, they’ll then be able to browse all your products and shop your feed!