The Julia Tree: Reforesting Africa out of love
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The Tutu Teach Foundation and Hopes Initiatives International needed help creating a digital campaign to promote their joint launch of The Julia Tree Challenge, a global effort to plant 1 million “Julia Trees” along Africa’s Great Green Wall while fighting for women’s rights, peace, and racial justice along the way.

The Goal

The Julia Tree had a BIG message to share. Our campaign goal was to create awareness of the initiative, connect with users on social platforms, and build web traffic to drive sales of “Julia Trees.” We needed to communicate to users that it’s about more than trees—The Julia Tree Challenge is a global movement to grow justice, jobs and a greener future for Africa and the world.

Our Approach

We supported the campaign with several brand storytelling techniques, a powerful campaign video, a new website, and integrated digital marketing.

To bring this campaign to life, our designers and artists produced a video meant to inspire through visual storytelling and would be featured prominently on the website. Our goal was to create a website experience that was functional yet impactful, and our designers hit it out of the park.


A powerful brand story, beautiful imagery, and a strong digital presence were key to the success of this campaign. Our website drove thousands of visitors and created thousands more on social interactions. The initiative was eventually picked up by CNN and featured on First Move with Julia Chatterley. And with backing from notable patrons Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu van Furth, our campaign generated great recognition for The Julia Tree.