Double Product Launch for Pharma Lab
With our two hiring modalities, we intend to generate a tactile positive change in organizations and its clients.



We had a one-month timeframe to design and develop the websites needed for a new product line launch. This project was possible by working together with a team of designers at Quadro Comunicación, located in Palermo, BA.

The Process

Our first meetings were about understanding Savant's new product line, where it fits related to their other products, and how are these different. We ran a series of experiments ranging from Market Fit Canvas to different Empathy Maps


After considering the pros and cons of different development methods and tools, we decided to utilize Webflow for this campaign. Webflow allows us to iterate on-the-go and publish private changes to then be publicly approved - this was something our client desired to optimize their iteration speed.


30-days later, we have successfully designed and developed two production-level working sites for Savant Pharma