The digital rise of Maserati Argentina
With our two hiring modalities, we intend to generate a tactile positive change in organizations and its clients.

Social Media


We needed to innovate and craft local content for the emerging market in Argentina while keeping our media production within Maserati's brand guidelines.

Defining the goals

From the start, the objectives were clear: grow a passionate audience from scratch, and show them that a Maserati represents its close-knit community.

Leveraging externalities

We made car-spotters our best friends. The relationship developed a win-win situation for them and Maserati - generating a continuous loop of higher quality and timely content, valuable insights, and growth for both ends.


Not only we saw a 900% follower increase in less than six months - as we went from zero comments to an astounding rate of interactions and leads. But also created connections between other entities that allowed win-win situations. These will keep generating a continuous growth effect on all brands and people involved.