Health center doubles revenue by redesigning website
With our two hiring modalities, we intend to generate a tactile positive change in organizations and its clients.



Artro's previous website experienced various hack intents and it's WordPress core was entirely damaged. Patients were unable to reach Artro's scheduling portal, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and revenue losses.

Dealing with reality

Our first step was studying the Wordpress site, which was heavily infected by malware. Understanding all its CMS relations, page goals, copywriting and SEO, etc...

Collecting the data

The second step for us was collecting all the important information from the previous website, and restoring all those important, damaged files. Then we mapped how we will reorganize all their information in a new CMS prototype


Centro Artro saw a considerable increase in traffic (+900% in three months), increasing patient engagement, retention and ultimately driving sales to a point that allowed Artro to open three new locations in six months