Argentina's Largest Church Brings Mass Online
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Santuario de Luján, known as Argentina's most visited church, had a very clear goal in mind: to bring the church into everyone's homes

Outlining the challenges

Our main challenge was studying the church's visitors, what kind of phones do they use? How often? Do they download apps or prefer to surf the web? These and many other questions helped us strategize and decide on the technologies.

Partner up!

We partnered up with a local security camera business to help us set up the broadcasting technologies. We installed three live-streaming cameras, two of these are pointed at La Virgen De Luján, while the third one is a wide shot of the church inside - especially useful on Sunday mornings


Two years into the publishing of the app, the growth of visitors is steady, and retention rates surpass 70% inside live-streams. Additionally, Santuario de Luján has been receiving increased donations.